• COIN Today

    In this section the articles are concerned with current counter-insurgency campaigns and issues.

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  • COIN in History

    In this section we examine insurgencies and counter-insurgency campaigns in history.

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  • Gordian Knot

    This section constitutes the Alexandrian Defense Group's flagship academic area.

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  • COIN Fiction

    Fictional writing has always been an effective medium through which hidden truths can be more readily ascertained

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  • COIN Library

    A collection of counter-insurgency articles from around the globe.

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  • COIN Global

    Articles dealing with counter-insurgency issues across the globe.

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Alexandrian Defense Group

  • Current Counterinsurgency Issues

    Alexandrian Defense Group (ADG) is an assembly of leaders in the arena of Counterinsurgency (COIN) Intelligence and Education.

  • The Gordian Knot

    AlexandrainDefense Group introduces The Gordian Knot concept through a thought-provoking article sure to hold your attention and imagination.

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